The Herbaliser – Herbal Tonic

01. Gadget Funk
02. Nah' Mean Nah'm Sayin'
03. The Missing Suitcase
04. The Blend
05. Starlight
06. Song For Mary
07. Mr Chombee Has The Flaw (From Session 2)
08. Something Wicked
09. Mrs Chombee Takes The Plunge (PC Remix)
10. The Sensual Woman
11. It Ain't Nuttin'
12. 8pt Agenda
13. Tea & Beer
14. Ginger Jumps The Fence
15. March of the Dead Things
16. Stranded on Earth

The Ananda Shankar Experience & State Of Bengal - Walking On

Ananda was born in Almora, Utta Pradesh in 1942. The son of dancers Uday and Amala Shankar and the nephew of Pandit Ravi Shankar, he was raised in an artistically creative atmosphere. He went on to produce some of the most influential tracks of the sixties, and to jam with the likes of Jimi Hendrix amoung others. 'Walking On' sees Ananda pushing his talent yet further and teaming up with State of Bengal.
State of Bengal's eclectic mix of Indian classical music with breakbeat, hip-hop, tabla driven beats and melodic vocals seemed perfect as a nineties response to Ananda's sound. Fresh from work with Bjork, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Massive Attack, Sam Zaman found time off from making his own album (Visual Audio on One Little Indian) to throw himself fully into the project.

1. Walking On
2. Tori
3. Pluck
4. Alma Ata
5. Jungle Symphony (Live)
6. Betelnutters
7. Tanusree
8. Throw Down
9. Love & Passion
10. Reverse
11. Streets of Calcutta (Live)

Un chien Andalou

Un Chien Andalou is a sixteen minute silent surrealist short film produced in France by the Spanish director Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí. Its title means "An Andalusian Dog", but it is normally released under its original French title in the English-speaking world. It was Dali's first film and was initially released in 1929 to a limited showing in Paris, but became popular and ran for eight months. It is one of the best-known surrealist films of the avant-garde movement of the 1920s.
The film has no plot in the conventional sense of the word. The chronology of the film is disjointed, jumping from the initial "once upon a time" to "eight years later" without the events or characters changing very much. It uses dream logic in narrative flow that can be described in terms of then-popular Freudian free association, presenting a series of tenuously related scenes.
The idea for the film actually began when Buñuel was working as an assistant director for Jean Epstein in France. Buñuel told Dalí at a restaurant one day about a dream in which a cloud sliced the moon in half "like a razor blade slicing through an eye". Dalí responded that he'd dreamed about a hand crawling with ants. They were fascinated by what the psyche could create, and decided to write a script based on the concept of suppressed human emotions.

Dj Food - A Recipe for Disaster

DJ Food is a collaborative project between Coldcut/Ninja Tune duo Matt Black and Jonathan More, and second-half PC (born Patrick Carpenter) and Strictly (Kevin Foakes). Although the moniker originally referred only to Black and More's several-volumed series of stripped-down breaks records designed for deck use (i.e., "food" for DJs), club booking demands for the assumedly proper-named DJ Food dictated the pair make an ongoing project of it. Adding PC and Strictly to spice things up (and differentiate DJ Food from Coldcut when they played the same bill), the quartet released a series of 12" singles in various combinations starting in 1994 (including "Freedom"/"Consciousness"), with their proper debut full-length, A Recipe for Disaster, appearing the following year.

Dark River
Scratch Yer Hed
Mr. Quicke Cuts the Cheese
Brass Neck
Fungle Junk
Half Step
Bass City Roller
Scratch Yer Butt
Little Samba
Scientific Youth

Broken Note - Terminal Static

After two very remarked single 12" on Ad Noiseam, Broken Note unleash their first full length release, in the form of a CD featuring their past vinyl-only discography, plus a couple of tracks that had never been released on either formats and remixes by Hecq and Enduser. Mixing dubstep, drum'n'bass, breakcore and industrial-grade distortion, these two musicians create dancefloor-ready, fresh and intense tracks which have proved their efficiency in legion of clubs or shows. From the deepest hooks of such tracks as "Zealot" or "War In the Making" to the accurately named "Fury" and equally broken "Let 'Em Hang", Broken Note's array of talent is their force, bringing together fans of shattered beats and those of heavy basses.
Ad Noiseam

1. Mortal Bass
2. Let 'Em Hang
3. Mask Of Gas
4. Meltdown
5. War In The Making
6. Zealot
7. Pyrotek
8. Dubversion
9. Crux
10. Juno Reactor: Tokyo Dub (remix by Broken Note)
11. The Fury
12. Dubersion (remix by Hecq)
13. Crux (remix by I Am The Sun)

laszlo hortobagyi - 6th all-india music conference

Hortobagyi has spent the last 30 years creating the music of a world that never existed but might exist in a parallel universe. A complete Musical History of a Parallel Earth. A planet , where east and west mixed somewhat differently. Much deeper.


Enduser - Bollywood Breaks

"Not So Distant Drums" begins the EP with effects-laden drum programming not very different from recent Bhangra records but soon moves into jagged beats so violent that those uninitiated in the ways of breakcore may check their speakers for defects. The vocal sample, the heart of the composition, is left somewhat intact with its melancholia punctured by the mix. Breaks built around the sample of a Bollywood track may not sound either revolutionary or worthy of mention but Enduser's treatment is a perfect technologically enhanced paean to the biggest movie industry in the world. Drill n' bass is the M.O. on "No Wisdom" and "Not Here" - think Aphex Twin circa Come to Daddy. Industrial strength beat programming overpowers the vocal samples, which take the backseat on both compositions; "Not Here" allows tablas, sitars and devotional vocals into the mix just long enough before the beats take over again.

A1 Not So Distant Drums
A2 No Wisdom
A3 Not Here
B1 Return Of The Kourma Lover (Mad E.P. Remix)
B2 More Distant Than You Think (LARVAE Remix)
B3 Vishnu's Eastern Block (Line 47 Remix)

VA - Eastern Drum and Breaks Vol.2

Throughout 14 tracks, Ges-e and the Nasha collective take you on an incredible journey. Sitars and Tabla contrast with a rough rolling bassline in the opening ‘PK 757’, setting the standard for an album where Arabic strings, flutes and traditional Indian instruments provide a striking yet successful contrast with grimey breaks and dirty basslines, with great vocal licks providing more dramatic touches. From the strong dancefloor flavours to experimental journeys, from subtle message-bearing stormers to old school electro vibe, with special mention to the utterly gorgeous rework of A.R. Rahman’s classic Bollywood song ‘So Gaye Hain’, this album is a rich and contrasted collection.
Nasha Records

01 Ges-E - PK757
02 Zahid - Sahara
03 A.R. Rahman - So Gaye Hain (Ges-E & Equal 1 Refix)
04 Nasha Experience - Aaja
05 Aktarv8r - Shinkirou
06 Zahid - Electro K
07 Phono 2 Mini Jack - Elastic People
08 Aktarv8r - Afterwrath
09 Zahid - The Gaza Strip
10 Ges-E - Streets Of Basra
11 Interlude
12 Ges-E - Mann Industries
13 Vani - Pyar Bina
14 Osmani Soundz - Lushmeena

Bombay The Hard Way - Guns, Cars & Sitars

Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars is a joint project of producer Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow in which music from '70s funk Bollywood composers Kalyanji and Anandji was taken and given a funky remix. The album was eventually withdrawn (possibly due to copyright concerns), but helped to establish Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow in the underground hip hop music scene. A sequel, Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo, was also produced.

1. Bombay 405 Miles
2. Good, the Bad and the Chutney
3. My Guru
4. Ganges a Go-Go
5. Great Gambler
6. Professor Pyarelal
7. Fists of Curry
8. Punjabis, Pimps & Players
9. Inspector Jay from Dehli
10. Satchidananda
11. Theme from Don
12. Fear of a Brown Planet
13. Uptown Bollywood Nights
14. Kundans Hideout
15. Swami Safari

Bombay the Hard Way, Vol. 2: Electric Vindaloo

1. Ram Balram - Ursula 1000
2. Bionic Hahaan - Dynomite D., Kid Koala
3. Theme From Twin Sheiks
4. Third World Lover - Mix Master Mike
5. Rah-Keet
6. Hydrolik Carpet Ride
7. Bollywood B-Boy Battle - Dynomite D.
8. Mr. Natwarlal
9. Basmati Beatdown
10. T.J. Hookah
11. Superstar Sam
12. Disco Raj
13. Sexy Mother Fakir
14. Inspector Jay's Big Score - Steinski
15. Electric Uindaloo
16. Dil Street Blues
17. Chakra Khan

Bombay Dub Orchestra

The Bombay Dub Orchestra combines the beautiful sounds of ambient electronica with a 28-piece Bollywood orchestra. The end result is a new kind of lush, South Asian influenced symphonic "chill" music.

DISC 1 - Bombay
1. Compassion 4:45
2. Rare Earth 5:44
3. Mumtaz 4:08
4. The Berber Of Seville 4:02
5. To The Shore 6:19
6. The Greater Silence 6:19
7. Feel 6:46
8. Dust 4:18
9. Sonata 3:17
10. Unexpected Rain 5:04
11. Beauty And The East 8:40
12. Remembrance

DISC 2 - Dub
1. Rare Earth: The Forest Of Thieves Mix 8:43
2. Feel: The Diamond Cake Mix 5:33
3. Beauty And The East: The Marine Drive Traffic Jam 6:18
4. The Berber Of Seville: The Berber Of Suburbia Mix 6:10
5. Dust: The Pigment Of Your Imagination Mix 7:25
6. Compassion: The Continental Drift Mix 6:56
7. The Berber Of Seville Orchestral Version: Father Mackay's Celestial Vision 5:38
8. Remembrance: Fires Remix

Bombay Dub Orchestra - 3 Cities

Step inside the sound of 3 Cities, Bombay Dub Orchestras sophomore release, and experience the crossroads where Mumbai, Chennai, and London musically meet. Since the release of their self-titled debut, the name Bombay Dub Orchestra (consisting of composer/producers Garry Hughes and Andrew T. Mackay) has built quite a reputation. From main-stage performances at the UKs Big Chill Festival and DJing across the globe, scoring feature films to remixing such world-renowned artists as Bob Marley, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Bebel Gilberto, fans and critics have been eagerly awaiting their next album. For 3 Cities, both Hughes and Mackay traveled to Mumbai and Chennai to record with the cities premier musicians and vocalists before returning to London to mix the album. 3 Cities is where their cinematic soundscapes meet Indian Classical and electronica featuring a huge cast of over 75 musicians.

01. Egypt By Air
02. Journey
03. Strange Constellations
04. Junoon
05. Spiral
06. Map Of Dusk
07. Fallen
08. Greenish Blue
09. Monsoon Malabar
10. Feasting With Panthers
11. Amina

Bill Laswell - Lo.Def Pressure

Lo. Def Pressure consists of two extended compositions (both over 20 minutes) from genre-expanding musician/composer/producer Bill Laswell. Featuring a group of percussionists (including the exceptional tabla player Zakir Hussain) and sound generators, the results are texture-heavy excursions into rhythm that combine ancient musical traditions with modern beat science. It's a meeting of old and new, East and West that has taken place on Laswell's recordings ever since talking drums and tablas met drifting new age ambience on 1988's Hear No Evil. With Lo. Def Pressure, however, he has proven that the same preoccupations can make for captivating music over two decades into his career. "Shyvamythscience" (the composition that forms the first half of the album) begins with the sound of Hussain's busy tabla bubbling up from the music's dark, amorphous waters. Laswell and company proceed through a series of bass heavy, restless rhythmic backings, broken by interludes of morphing tabla and interplanetary drift. The song ends, retreating into the same black sea from which it emerged. On "Black Ice," skittish techno beats lock in with chattering percussion for shape-shifting, syncopated rhythms that dance across the dense, fluctuating textures. The muscle of the album (and its cold heartbeat) is Laswell's bottomless bass. Improvising within a limited range, it acts as a stark, heavy anchor for these icy, deep space explorations. Lo. Def Pressure assimilates elements of dub, techno, hip-hop, and Eastern traditions into a mix that defies any of these categories. ~ Nathan Bush, AMG

2-Black Ice

Istanbul Twilight

To celebrate the label’s 10th birthday, Doublemoon is releasing an album characterising the city as a constant inspiration to artists & inhabitants alike: its sea, streets, bridges and its culture through the music of musicians in its orbit. The releasese also features two documentaries directed by Veysel Gencten and Gurcan Keltek along with a booklet featuring the photographs of the young Turkish photographer, Ahmet Polat, who has a fast growing international reputation.The double-album features artists from the Doublemoon family such as Mercan Dede, Orient Expressions, Buzuki Orhan Osman, Cahit Berkay & Grup Zan, Burhan Ocal, Baba Zula, Taksim Trio, Selim Sesler, Ilhan Ersahin, Shantel, Kazim Koyuncu, and Craig Harris. These are the ambassadors of Istanbul’s sound to the world beyond representing a multitude of styles and sounds. The mix of styles on this album is a tribute to the fact that an audio- visual treat like this could only be born in the misty twilight of Istanbul.

1. Intro - Orient Expressions
2. 1 Beste - Mercan Dede,
3. Cecom - Baba Zula, Brenna MacCrimmon, Baba Zula
4. Biçare - Taksim Trio
5. Ennio - Ilhan Ersahin
6. Love - Carla Cook, , ,
7. Bir Demet Yasemen
8. Ben Seni in Dub - Kazim Koyuncu,
9. Opaz
10. Gözyasi - Selim Sesler

1. Maziden - Orhan Osman
2. Arda Kalan - Cahit Berkay
3. Dem - Azam Ali, Mercan Dede
4. Sehristan - Orient Expressions
5. Bogaziçi
6. Islak Sevdalilar - Baba Zula, Baba Zula
7. Gara Guna
8. Engewal - Mercan Dede
9. Baglama Solo - Taksim Trio
10. Outro - Orient Expressions

The Bombay Jazz Palace

John Coltrane was obsessed with India; Miles Davis would stay up for days on end listening to his tabla player; Sonny Rollins, Dave Brubeck and Stan Getz all spent several months in Bombay in the 1950s; Charles Mingus had his ashes scattered in the Ganges. For decades, jazz musicians have bought into the modes, polyrhythms and extended time signatures of Indian music. This collection samples the fruits of these Indo-jazz fusions recorded by Indophile Westerners and jazz-literate Indians alike -- both the exotic and the intellectual, the rootsy and the genteel, the ethereal and the seriously funky. Dig the patter of the tablas, the purr of the tamboura and the liquid funk of the sitar as you enter the Bombay Jazz Palace...

1. Paul Horn & Nexus - Latin Tala
2. Volker Kriegal - Zoom
3. Georges Garvarenz - Haschish Party
4. Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton - Blues for Hari
5. The Dave Pike Set - Raga Jeera Swara
6. Between - Contemplation
7. Lalo Schifrin - Secret Code
8. Grupo Batuque - Tabla Samba
9. Yves Hyatt - Path To Ascension
10. Shocking Blue - Acka Raga
11. Shankar Family & Friends - Dispute & Violence
12. Shnkar-Jaikishan - Raga Bairagi
13. Ananda Shankar - Universal Magic
14. Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud & the Indo Jazz Following - Bombay Palace Pt.1

Joe Harriott & John Mayer - Indo-Jazz Suite

3-Raga Megha
4-Raga Gaud-Saranga

Joe Harriott & John Mayer - Indo jazz fusions

Released in 1967, Indo-Jazz Fusions boldly meshed elements of Western and Indian classical music with modal and free-jazz to create a vibrant and organic new sound. The album opens with the 17-minute Mayer composition, “Partita,” a highly orchestrated suite comprised of three linked movements, featuring strong individual solos and an intense collective improvisation at its end. Mayer nimbly conducts both halves of the Double Quintet as they riff on traditional Indian scales (ragas) and lay down intricate rhythmic patterns (talas). Harriott dominates throughout, playing accessibly and free, his impassioned solos soaring to meet Mayer’s Indian challenge.

4-Acka Raga
6-Raga Piloo
7-Song before Sunrise
8-Purvi Variations
9-Mishra Blues

Tabla Beat Science - Tala Matrix

"Call it an aggregation of some of the best contemporary percussionists: Trilok Gurtu, Zakir Hussain, and Asian Underground star Talvin Singh combine under the sonic washes of producer Bill Laswell to show the possibilities of Indian percussion. It's definitely a beatfest, but one of subtlety, where what is being said isn't as important as the way it's being stated, and the dialogue between hands includes a lot of silences. Gurtu comes from a more jazz tradition, Hussein a classical background, and Singh represents the brash young things of the dance floor. Mostly Laswell leaves it to them to provide the sonic entertainment, which is as it should be with delicate swathes of sound barely intruding, just coloring the proceedings. While it's not for everyone, those who love Indian percussion in all its forms will find this album a complete joy." --Chris Nickson

1 Secret Channel (7:34)
2 Magnetic (7:43)Vocals, Featuring [Sarangi] - Ustad Sultan Khan
3 Audiomaze (7:49)
4 Don't (6:13)Producer [Additional], Tabla, Other [Virus Manipulation, Vox] - Talvin SinghProgrammed By [Logic Programming] - Brad Somatik*
5 Palmistry (4:39)Producer [Additional], Drums, Tabla, Keyboards, Computer [Electronics] - Karsh Kale
6 Devotional (8:11)Vocals, Featuring [Sarangi] - Ustad Sultan Khan
7 Big Brother (4:56)Producer [Additional] - Matt HoweProducer [Additional], Tabla, Drums - Trilok Gurtu
8 Triangular Objects (7:57)Drums - Karsh KaleProducer [Additional], Tabla, Other [Virus Manipulation, Vox] - Talvin Singh
9 Biotech (6:42)
10 Alla (11:52)

Beats Antique - Tribal Derivations

Beats Antique came together to make music for Miles Copeland's Bellydance Superstars
extravaganzas. The trio is composed of David Satori (guitar, saz, viola, and percussion), Sidecar Tommy Cappel (keys, toy piano, drums, and percussion), and Zoë Jakes (belly dancer, composer, and arranger). Their music incorporates Middle Eastern grooves, Balkan wedding music, flamenco, French Gypsy jazz, hip-hop, dub reggae, and other Eastern tonalities, all pulled together with electronica that won't put off club kids, but will appeal to world music lovers as well. All of the bandmembers have a long history of innovative music-making behind them.

1. Battle
2. The Lantern
3. Tabla Toy
4. Rabat
5. Slow
6. Derivation
7. Trinkit
8. Break Me
9. Nau-Ashta
10. Intertwine
11. Relic
12. Discovered
13. Untitled

Beats Antique - Collide

Beats Antique, an oakland based group featuring Zoe Jakes, David Satori, And Sidecar Tommy, have stumbled down the rabbit hole and emerged anew on the other side. COLLIDE is a product of that absurd adventure, forging a curious alliance between middle eastern traditions and potent west coast circus, underground hip hop, breakbeat brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep. Beats Antique's second album has brought the paradox of electro-acoustic music into the future.

01. Beauty Beats
02. Dope Crunk
03. Erase
04. Scratch
05. Roustabout
06. Nesatovo
07. Caterpillar
08. Slapdash Era
09. Sweet Demure
10. Milieu
11. Shrine
12. Borino
13. Roustabout (Bassnectar Remix)

TABLA BEAT SCIENCE - Talamanam Soundclash, further Adventures in Hypercussion

Bill Laswell: bass
Zakir Hussain: tabla
Sultan Khan: sarangi, Vocals
Karsh Kale: drums, tabla
Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw: vocals
MIDIval PunditZ: electronics and computer programming
DJ Disk: turntablesFabian Asultany: synthezisers, keyboards
Racorded 21 June 2002, at Filmore in San Francisco

1. As always
2. Sacred Channel
3. Mengedenga
4. As we Drift

1. Magnetic
2. Satellite
3. B still Transient
4. Bol Parhant
5. Devotional

The Bombay Connection vol.1 - Funk From Bollywood Action Thrillers

Featuring 13 tracks of the best BOLLYWOOD FUNK, recorded between 1977 and 1984. After the example of Hollywood many Indian action films of the 70s and 80s were scored with great funky tunes and frantic chase funk. Bollywood being Bollywood the funk was given a strong Indian twist. The result: super funky, stunningly original funk grooves that will set any dance floor on fire. Featuring among others the steaming sexy funk of BOMBAY 405 miles and ultra rare funk gems from the Hindi safari film HABARI and the violent hippie flick SALAAM MEMSAAB.

1 Kalyanji-Anandji‘s Cabaret Dance Music from ANJANE MEIN (1978)
2 R.D. Burman‘s Main Hoon Lilly from BOND 303 sung by Asha Boshle (1984)
3 Sapan-Jagmohan‘s Giraffe Trapping Music from HABARI (1979)
4 Kalyanji-Anandji‘s Na Na Na Yeh Kya Karne Lage Ho from BOMBAY 405 MILES sung by Hemlata (1980)
5 R.D. Burman Music from SALAAM MEMSAAB (1978)
6 Charanjit Singh‘s instrumental of version of Pyar Chaiye Keh Paisa from CHHAILLA BABU (1979)
7 Sonik-Omi‘s Ye Jawani Hai Mera Jaan from HEERON KA CHOR sung by Mohd. Rafi & Asha Boshle (1981)
8 Kalyanji-Anandji‘s Music Theme from KASHISH (1980)
9 Laxmikant-Pyarelal‘s Yeh Dhuaan from DIL AUR DEEWAAR sung by Asha Boshle (1979)
10 Govind-Naresh‘s Dance Music from GHAMANDEE (1981)
11 Sapan-Jagmohan‘s Sote Sote Adhi Raat from SISKEYAN sung by Salma Agha (1983)
12 R.D. Burman‘s Title Music from THE BURNING TRAIN (1979)
13 Bappi Lahiri‘s Kya Jane Yeh Duniya Kya Jane from TOOTE KHILONE sung by Amit Kumar and S.Pandit (1977)

The Bombay connection vol.2 - Bombshell Baby Of Bombay

Featuring 12 tracks of bouncing BOLLYWOOD NIGHTCLUB music, recorded between 1959-1972. The Bollywood industry has alwayes loved anything that draws the crowds into the cinema, and allready in the early 50‘s it proved that the SEXY NIGHT CLUB SCENE was a big crowd puller in prudish India. Set in a dark club with a moody jazz or R&R band, a scarcely dressed vamp sipping whiskey and smoking cigarettes – would perform sexy hip shakes that set the whole male audience on fire. Needless to say that these CLUB DANCES contain some of the most exciting cross-over music ever made, mixing sitars and tablas with jazz, beat and rock & roll. On this album 12 tracks of the golden years night club music, including the classic GUMNAAM and LOAFER and many nuggets that we‘ve freshly dug up for you like the beatlesque sitar groover PRIYA and the infuriated bongo killer madness of KALA BAZAR.

1 R.D. Burman – KATI PATANG – Mera Naam Hai Shabnam – Asha Boshle – 1970
2 Shankar-Jaikishan – GUMNAAM – Jan Pahechan Ho – Mohd. Rafi – 1965
3 SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI – Ek Bottle Hogal Mein – Kishore Kumar & Asha Boshle – 1971
4 O.P. Nayyar – KISMAT – One Two Three Baby – Asha Boshle & Mahendra Kapoor – 1968
5 Laxmikant-Pyarelal – LOAFER – Kahan Hai Woh Diwana – Asha Boshle – 1972
6 Shankar-Jaikishan – ANARI – 1956, 1957, 1958 – Lata Mangeshkar & Manna Dey – 1959
7 Chitragupta – HAMARA ADHIKAR – Bum Pam Bum Pam Pa Ra Ra – Kishore Kumar & Asha Boshle – 1971
8 S.D. Burman – KALA BAZAR – Sambhalo Sambhalo Apna Dil – Asha Boshle – 1960
9 O.P. Nayyar – KISMAT – Title Music – 1968
10 Kalyanji-Anandji – PRIYA – Pretty Pretty Priya – Anand Prayag & Chorus – 1968
11 Shankar-Jaikishan – EK PHOOL CHAR KANTE – Bombshell Baby of Bombay – Iqbal Singh – 1960
12 Title Kalyanji-Anandji – BLUFF MASTER – Title Music – 1962

Sitar Beat! Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol.1 & 2

The Sitar Beat series was built with the DJ in mind - collecting some of the wildest, heaviest and most psychedelic Indian Funk recorded and presenting it loud on wax, ready for the turntable. Now, due to popular demand, we’re collecting the heaviest cuts from this vinyl series and presenting them on a limited edition CD. The first four volumes were lessons in just how ahead of their time India’s Bollywood composers were in the 60s, 70s and early 80s. They dug into Indian deep funk and psycho-psychedelic masterpieces recorded for the Bollywood film industry. Alongside full length killers like the funkiest track from the rare “Qurbani” soundtrack, there were Bollywood funk fiestas by acclaimed composers such as Kalanji Ananji and R.D. Burman, with extended breakbeats and re-edits that upped the funk to the boiling point. Together with Ravi’s nephew Ananda Shankhar’s instrumental Sitar freak outs were diva Asha Boshle’s soulful wailings. Culling its music from rare vinyl and utilizing tasteful restoration and remastering, Sitar Beat was the first time that many of these songs are heard by the record-buying public - at least in this form. Edits remove any bobbing and weaving, leaving funk that only flies straight ahead!

Tracklist Vol.1

1. Klaus Doldinger: Sitar Beat
2. Klaus Doldinger: Sitar (Bonus) Beats
3. Kalyanji Anandji:
4. Sapan Jagmohan: Meri Aakhon Mein (Edit)
5. Asha Boshle w/ R.D. Burman:
6. Serge Gainsbourg: New Delire
7. Serge Gainsbourg w/ Michel Colombier:
8. Ananda Shankar: Dancing Drums
9. R.D. Burman: Rocky Bonus Beats
10. R.D. Burman w/ Asha Boshle & Kishore Kumore:
11. Raghunath Seth: Orchestral Music (Edit)
12. Kalyanji Anandji: Somebody To Love (Edit)
13. Kalyanji Anandji: Bairaag Dance Music (Edit)
14. Kalyanji Anandji: Banarasi Babu Beats
15. Usha Khanna: Hotel Incidental Music (Edit)
16. Kalyanji Anandji: Theme From Don
17. Annu Malik w/ Asha Bhosle & Chorus:
18. R.D Burman: The Burning Train (Kou’s Edit)
19. Biddu: Qurbani Bonus Beats
20. Biddu w/ Manhar & Anand:
21. Ananda Shankar: Sa Re Ga (Edit)

Following the success of the first Sitar Beat compilation CD, a collection of Indian and Indian-inspried European funky selections from the 60s and 70s, the crew knew they had to come deep for the sequel. So for Volume 2, they go straight to heart of India with some of the rarest, and best tracks recorded between the years of 1970 and 1984. Nearly all of these tracks are appearing on CD for the first time. Sixteen tracks of rare and funky Indian flavor, blending heavy beats with the sounds of the sitar and the inimitable vocal sounds of beloved Indian singers such as the ubiquitous Asha Bhosle and producers/songwriters like Kalyanji Ananji and R. D. Burman. Most of the tracks are culled from Bollywood sound tracks from the 70s and early 80s. Enormously popular, often wild and packed with action and romance, these films put the intense music of star composers like Burman and Kalyanji & Anandji at the forefront. The strange, psychedelic sounds possess their own cultural mish-mash of flavors combining traditional Indian instrumentation and melodies with film music s intensity, and incorporating styles from American/Western music from about 5 years or so behind the trend. All this to say expect funk, psychedelic rock, disco and proto-electro to jump out from the grooves of Sitar Beat Volume 2 and hit you harder than a mouth full of spicy masala. This is soul from the Sub-continent at it s best!

Tracklist Vol.2

1. The Witness (Babla & his Orchestra)
2. Awara Sadiyon Se (Kalyanji Anandji)
3. Everybody Dance With Me (S.D. Narang)
4. Wada Karle Sajna (Kalyanji Anandji)
5. Nigahon Ka Adaon Ka (K. Anandji)
6. Freak Out Music (R.D. Burman)
7. Dushmun Title Music (L. Pyarelal)
8. Pyar Zindagi Hai (Kalyanji Anandji)
9. Tera Jasia Pyara Koi Nahin (Khanna)
10. Phir Teri Yaad (Hemant Bhosle)
11. Main Akeli Raat Jawan (Ajit Singh)
12. Bekaraar Bekaraar Bekaraar Kiya
13. Aaj Mera Dil (R.D. Burman)
14. Dard-E-Dil (Laxmikant Pyarelal)
15. Butterfly (Keith Kanga, PT 2)
16. Laila O Laila (Kalyanji Anandji)

Dj Cheb i Sabbah - Krish Lila

"The music of the world converges through the productions and remixes of Algeria-born and San Francisco-based DJ Cheb I Sabbah. The producer/promoter of a now defunct world music series, 1002 Nights, Sabbah presented a diverse range of musicians including Pakistani Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and London-based Bhangra group, Bally Sagoo. Since 1988, Sabbah has presented a similar series, Africa/India/Arabia, weekly at Nickie's, a popular San Francisco nightclub. Sabbah began his professional career in the mid-'60s, when he DJed at a Parisian club where he played American soul records. In the late '60s, he became involved with an experimental performance group, the Living Theater. After moving to San Francisco in 1986, he joined a similar group, the Tribal Warning Theater, building a solid reputation for his artistically spliced soundtracks for the group's shows. Sabbah's debut album, The Majoon Traveler, released in 1994, combined cut-up remixes of pieces by Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, and Angus Maclise with the poetry of Ira Cohen." ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide

01. Narajanma Bandage
02. Violin Solo
03. Maname Diname
04. Anjali
05. Raja Vedalu
06. Lagi Lagan
07. Tum Bin Shyam
08. Rupa Tujhe Deva
09. Govinda

Tricky - Pre-Millenium Tension

One of the key figures in trip-hop, Tricky contributed to Massive Attack's first two albums and released a classic debut himself, before retreating from the fame that it brought him. Since then he has released several more solid albums, while collaborating with other artists and moving into acting.
Adrian Thaws was an original member of The Wild Bunch, who would become Massive Attack and propel Bristol-based trip-hop into international consciousness. He rapped on their classic debut album Blue Lines in 1992, before recruiting Martina Topley-Bird to provide a female counter to his husky vocals. Together they recorded an album - 1995's Maxinquaye - which received widespread critical acclaim and was regarded as one of the best debut albums of the decade. For his 1996 follow-up Nearly God, Tricky collaborated with Bjork, Neneh Cherry and Alison Moyet. It also received good reviews, although not quite so enthusiastic as for Maxinquaye. Later that same year he released Pre-Millenium Tension, a darker record that again received mostly warm reviews.

1. Vent
2. Christiansands
3. Tricky Kid
4. Bad Dream
5. Makes Me Wanna Die
6. Ghetto Youth
7. Sex Drive
8. Bad Things
9. Lyrics of Fury
10. My Evil Is Strong
11. Piano

Prodigy present the Dirtchamber Sessions vol.1

The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One is a 1999 solo mix album by Liam Howlett of The Prodigy, and it was initially produced for BBC Radio 1's mix show The Breezeblock.
There are 48 tunes from many artists mixed, scratched and cut. The album came about as a result of a 1998 guest DJ appearance by Howlett on Mary Anne Hobb's Breezeblock show on the UK radio station Radio 1, producing a similar set.

01) Intro beats, Tonto's Release, Untitled, Chemical Beats
02)Bug Powder Dust, Grandmaster F, Pump Me Up,How High, Poison
03)The Mexican, Rock The House, Best Part Of Breaking Up, King Kut
04)Hey Can You Relate, What Time Is Love, Funky Acid Macossa
05)New York, Punk To Funk, I'm Sick
06)The Home Of Hip Hop, Strong Island, Kowalski, Time To Get Ill
07)Get Down, Humpty Dance, Dope On Plastic, Beats & Pieces
08)Sure Shot, Breakdance Electric Boogie, Doomsday of Rap

Claude Chalhoub

"Produced by, and featuring some performances from, experimental guitarist Michael Brook, Claude Chalhoub's self-titled album charts exotic musical territory by meshing Western and Indian classical and Arabic music, occasionally peppering the mix with modern influences such as rock and ambient. Lebanese composer/violinist Chalhoub also plays other instruments (piano, harmonium, and viola), and his approach here is to find parallel elements in the diverse styles he embraces. He is unafraid to unite Western strings and Eastern percussion, or electric instruments with organic ones. Throughout the album, genre lines become blurry. The sweeping Arabic strings of "Red Desert" are accompanied rhythmically by Indian tabla and propulsive rock drumming; flute, guitars, bass, and keyboards also figure into the composition. "Don't Wake Me Up" effortlessly traverses Arabic and classical string orchestrations, and it integrates Spanish guitar and lively tabla playing in the right spots. "Two Angels" highlights the album's omnipresent string octet by exploring an Eastern mode while the piano accompaniment delves into a Western one. Then "Kaa" and the epic "Melancholia" find Chalhoub and Brook in a mesmerizing ambient mood. (Incidentally, "Baddour" features guest Pakistani singer Farroukh Fateh Ali Khan, brother of the late Nusrat.) Chalhoub's sensual synthesis of styles is truly enchanting."

1. Red Desert
2. Gnossienne
3. Baddour
4. Oriental Images
5. Don't Wake Me Up
6. Kaa
7. Two Angels
8. Melancholia
9. Don't Wake Me up (Spring Mix)

Quantic presents The World's Rarest Funk 45s Vol. 1 & 2

William 'Quantic' Holland is a musician, DJ and record producer from Bewdley, Worcestershire. He is based in Colombia.

He records under various guises, notably, Quantic, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, and The Limp Twins. His music draws upon elements of salsa, bossa nova, soul, funk and jazz. Holland plays guitars, bass, double bass, piano, organ, saxophone and percussion. Much of his sound is original composition with little in the way of sampling of other artists' material.

When asked to describe what type of music he produces, Holland said:

"You're asking the wrong person really, but some stuff is hip-hop-orientated, some stuff is at house tempo, but not necessarily 'house' music, some of it has a strong Latin influence, some of it has a strong African influence, and some of it is just a mix-up of loads of styles."[1]

Holland also has his own label Magnetic Fields on which he releases heavy soul and funk. He has also taken on remix duties for over 30 songs.

Here are thirty two heavy-weight super-tough deep-funk ultra-rarities

Released:2006 & 2007
Genre:Funk / Soul

Tracklist vol.1
01. Funky Thing - Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer
02. Hot Funky And Sweaty - Soul Lifters
03. Mystery Of Black - Shades Of Black
04. Something Different - Prepositions
05. Ooh Ahh Eee - Vern Blair Debate
06. I Turn You On - Latin Breed
07. Ain't No Other Way - Herman Hitson
08. Evil Ways - Brothers Seven
09. Together - Soul Excitement
10. Loneliest One - Gene Anderson
11. Boilin' Water - Tony Bowens & The Soul Choppers
12. Fast Man - PCS Ltd.
13. World - Sandi & Matues
14. Egg Roll - M&S Band
15. Just Plain Funk - James Polk & The Brothers
16. Tra La La - Great Deltas

Tracklist vol.2
1. Clap Your Hands - Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets
2. Just Take Your Time - The Innersouls
3. Deal with It - Jimmy Lane & The Incredible Five
4. Monkey in a Sack - Lil' Buck & The Top Cats
5. Congestion - Devastation
6. Party - Abraham & The Metronomes
7. Walking on the Moon - Bob Johnson, , Rev. Jamel
8. No Names Will Be Called - Road Runners
9. Backtalk, Pts. 1 & 2 - 2nd Amendment Band
10. Right on Right Off - The Afros Band
11. Funky Manuel - Black On White Affair
12. Top Going Down, Bottom Going Up - Nathan Bartell
13. Baby Don't Cry - Third Guitar
14. New Generation - The Universals
15. Zambezi, Pts. 1 & 2 - Fun Company
16. Simmerin' - Weston Prim & Blacklash

Burhan Öçal - Yeni Rüya (New Dream)

"Turkish music specialist Burhan Öçal has made the bridging of musical cultures his central mission. A native of Kirklareli, near Istanbul, he grew up in a musical family. From his father, he learned a variety of percussion instruments, while his mother introduced him to religious vocal music. After his first contact with Western music, he became interested in combining other genres and cultural traditions, such as jazz and Western classical music, with his own. Burhan Öçal’s instruments are as diverse as his music. In addition to a wide variety of percussion, such as the Darbuka (a vase-shaped drum played with the fingers), Kös (kettle drum), Kudüm and Bendi, he is a highly skilled player on a number of stringed instruments, including the Divan-Saz, Tanbur and Oud. His expressive voice adds to the spectrum of musical elements at his command."

Label: Doublemoon
Country: Turkey
Released: 2005
Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country

1 Bogaziçi (Bosporus) 7:18
2 Yeni Sark Rüyasi (The New Oriental Dream) 5:53
3 Çile Bülbülüm (My Long Suffering Nightingale) 3:10
4 Seyh'in Rüyasi (The Sheikh's Dream) 5:54
5 Ben Aglarken (While I Cry) 4:01
6 Beklenen Resim (The Awaited Picture) 5:46
7 Ben Seni Unutmak Için Sevmedim (I Didn't Love You Just To Forget You) 3:55
8 Büyülü Dans (The Enchanted Dance) 7:56

The Indo British Ensemble - Curried Jazz

"A late 60s blend of modern jazz and Indian rhythms -- similar to some of Joe Harriott's work with John Mayer, but a lot more obscure overall! The tracks here are all relatively long -- and build from slow rhythms on tabla, tamboura, and more conventional drums -- augmented by bits of sitar, plus more conventional jazz instrumentation from Kenny Wheeler on flugelhorn, Ray Swinfield on flute, and Leon Calvert on trumpet. The tunes here are often quite atmospheric -- stretching out in a lot of space at first, really letting things develop organically before pushing forward to find their groove! The set was composed and arranged by Victor Graham"

1. Yaman (The Colonel's Lady)
2. Lalit (Meeting Of The Twain)
3. Bhimpalazi (Looking Eastward To The Blues)
4. Pahari (University Raga)

Rare Funk - 12 LP's [Cobalt Records]

Eclecticipher is proud to present the complete Cobalt Rare Funk series. This highly respectable selection takes you through to an exploratory journey into the various rare groove worlds.It has it all: instrumental funk, mod-funk, afro-funk, themes, soul, j-funk, library music, samples, classics... Each volume has a focus, presenting an informed selection of grooves in the genre.
All comps were released between 1993 and 2000.
Quality : Mp3/192Kbits/s
Password : supersonic

Rare Funk Vol.1

A1 Public Enemy Fight The Power (Power Sax Mix) (3:45)
A2 Disco Dub Band For The Love Of Money (4:00)
A3 Esquires, The Think (3:50)
A4 Jackie Mittoo Stereo Freeze (3:10)
A5 Blue Mitchell The Message (3:20)
A6 Som Três Spooky (2:50)
B1 Mantronix King Of The Beats (5:50)
B2 Sivuka Ain't No Sunshine (4:45)
B3 Love Unlimited Orchestra Strange Games & Things (4:10)
B4 Meters, The Just Kissed My Baby (4:42)

Rare Funk Vol.2

01 - Melvin Sparks - Whip Whop 04:03
02 - Al Escobar - Tighten Up 02:52
03 - Marvells - Rock Steady 03:06
04 - Jimmy Mcgriff - Superfunk 02:59
05 - Chakachas - Story 02:43
06 - Nairobi Afro Band - Soul Makossa 04:25
07 - Gil Scott Heron - Its Your World 03:59
08 - Calt Tjader - Mamblues 03:08
09 - Prophets of Soul - Aint No Sunshine 03:51
10 - Jbs - Popcorn with Feeling 03:02
11 - Unda Lewis - Sideway Shuffle 03:14
12 - Will Powers - Adventures-in Dub 04:46

Rare Funk Vol.3 - Soundtrack Edition

01 - Johnny Pate - Shaft in Africa 02:35
02 - Grant Green - Final Comedown 03:24
03 - J-J Johnson - Willie Dynamite 03:00
04 - Lalo Schifrin - Dirty Harry 03:26
05 - Wade Marcus - New Era 03:02
06 - Donato - Almas Irmas 01:55
07 - Eric and the Vikings - Get Off the Streets 02:16
08 - Herbie Hancock - Blow Up 01:47
09 - Lafayette Afro-Rock Band - Malick 04:10
10 - Gordon Staples - Strung Out 02:48
11 - Dave Cortez - Tag 02:42
12 - Eugene Mcdaniels - Jagger Dagger 02:56
13 - Stu Gardner - Mouth of the Fish 04:06
14 - Devorzon - Riot 02:52
15 - Don Julian - Savage 01:17

Rare Funk Vol.4 - Soundtrack Edition

01 - Johnny Pate - Shaft in Africa Pt 2 03:04
02 - Ocho - Hot Pants Road 04:38
03 - JBs - Blind Man 02:20
04 - Mike Manieri - Minnesota Thins 02:51
05 - Little Sonny - Memphis B-K 03:36
06 - Ray Charles - Booty Butt 04:12
07 - Lalo Schifrin - Bullitt 02:20
08 - Mandrill - Mandrill 04:26
09 - Horace Ott - Gordon's War 03:08
10 - Henri Mancini - Streets of S.F. 02:52
11 - Mighty Tom Cats - Cheeba Cheeba 04:52
12 - Darrow Fletcher - Now is the Time 02:26
13 - Andre Previn - Rollerball 01:51
14 - Gary Byrd - Every Bro Ain't A Bro 02:28

Rare Funk Vol.5 - Afro Funk

01 - Fela Kuti and Ginger Baker - Ye Ye Smell 06:15
02 - Olatunji - Tenga 03:43
03 - Candido - Who is Gonna Take the Weight 04:29
04 - Prof Longhair - Big Chief 02:13
05 - Mandingo - Black Rite 03:47
06 - Calvin Owens - the Cat 02:20
07 - Sarah Vaughan - Inner City Blues 04:13
08 - P King - Ajo 03:57
09 - JB - Don't Tell it 03:58
10 - Mohawks - Give Me Some Mo 03:11
11 - Equals - Funky Like A Train 04:29
12 - Floyd Morris - Mellow Funk 02:10

Rare Funk Vol.6 - Mod Funk Edition

01 - Dennis Coffey And The Lyman Woodward Trio - Its Your Thing (2:35)
02 - Toussaint McCall - Shimmy (2:30)
03 - John Cameron Quartet - Troublemaker (4:00)
04 - Sam Most - Jungle Fantasy (2:45)
05 - Moon People - Hippy, Skippy Moon Stomp (2:55)
06 - Detroit City Limits - 98% Plus Tax (2:55)
07 - Preston Love - Chili Music (3:35)
08 - Elliot Fisher - For The Love Of Money (5:50)
09 - Stretch - Why Did You Do It? (3:30)
10 - Ellen Mcilwaine - Jimmy Bean (3:00)
11 - Gus Giordano - Do What Ever Sets You Free (4:00)
12 - Robert Lowe - Back To Funk (3:50)
13 - Dynamics, The - Make It Reggae (3:00)

Rare funk Vol.7 - Female funk

01 - Jackson Sisters - I Believe in Miracles 04:53
02 - Spanky Wilson - You 02:15
03 - Candi Staton - Best Thing You Ever Had 02:23
04 - Barbara Acklin - I Can't Do My Thing 02:31
05 - Julie Driscoll - Indian Rope Man 03:21
06 - Raelets - Almost Grown 02:13
07 - Marlena Shaw - Liberation Conversation 02:02
08 - Nina Simone - Save Me 03:23
09 - Patti Jo - Ain't No Love Lost 05:56
10 - Sister's Love - Give Me Your Love 04:13
11 - Cheyenne - Come Back to Me 03:00
12 - Carolyn Franklin - Deal with it 03:12
13 - Les Hooper - Lady of the Night 05:48

Rare Funk Vol.8 - Psyche

01 - Claudia Vita - Amame 02:51
02 - Murtaugh - Slinky 03:00
03 - K. Doldinger - Sitar 01:33
04 - Mystic Moods - Cosmic Sea 02:56
05 - Dick Hyman - Give it Up Turn it Loose 03:10
06 - Henri Mancini - Here's Looking 02:50
07 - Johnny Harris - Footprints 02:55
08 - Keef Hartley - Imatations 03:28
09 - Ananda Shankar - Dancing Drums 04:56
10 - Assaigai - Cocoa 04:00
11 - Ben Sidran - I Lead A Life 02:34
12 - Gentle Rain - Jelly 04:28
13 - Sugarloaf - Soulwalk 03:30
14 - Claudia Vita - Dr No's Piano 02:34
15 - Chaka - Africa Symphony 01:45

Rare Funk Vol.9 - Junk Funk

01 - Red Holt - Flo 02:06
02 - Bob Dorough - 3 is the Magic Number 03:10
03 - Eric Burdon-War - Magic Mountain 03:31
04 - Jesse Anderson - Mighty Mighty 02:09
05 - Patti Jo - Hard to Handle 02:29
06 - Sheeba - Jungle Fever 02:33
07 - Soul Brothers - Get on the Goodfoot 03:07
08 - Constelations - Hot Pants Road 04:04
09 - C.K. Mann - Funky Highlife 02:01
10 - Inganda Kenya - Shalode 03:45
11 - Vulcans - Star Trek 03:32
12 - Phil Catherine - Give it Up & Turn it Loose 03:29
13 - Funk Factory - Rien Ne Va Plus 03:44
14 - Dust Bros. - 33 One-Third God 03:50
15 - Dust Bro. - and What You Give 03:40
16 - Cozy Powell - Let There Be Skin 02:19

Rare Funk Vol.10 - Mo' Female Funk

01 - Wally Badarou - Mambo
02 - Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Africa 70 - Upside Down
03 - Vibrettes, The - Humpty Dump
04 - Erma Franklin - Light My Fire
05 - J.B.'s, The - Use Me
06 - Betty Davis - Anti Love Song
07 - Christine McVie - That's Saying A Lot
08 - Jane Birkin - Love For Sale
09 - A Taste Of Honey - Rescue Me
10 - Dawn Penn - No No No
11 - Armando Trovaioli - Sesso Matto
12 - Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - Right On

Rare Funk Vol.11 - Creole Funk

01 - Blue Jays - What Do You Want
02 - Cimmerons - Street Walk
03 - Sound Studio Band - Give Me Some
04 - Dave and Ansel Collins - Doing Our Ting
05 - Apostels - Soulful
06 - Boris Gardiner - Ghetto Funk
07 - In Crowd - Mango Walk
08 - Tornadoes - Do Your Thing
09 - Wild Magnolias - Ho No Se
10 - Organization - Smokey Feeling
11 - Lever Brothers - Blackmans Cry
12 - Ray Munnings - Funky Nassau
13 - Naturals - Funky Rasta
14 - Jon Lucien - Ghetto Song

Rare Funk Vol.12 - Latin Funk

01 - St. Vincent Latinaires - Broasted or Fried 04:27
02 - Ray Barretto - Right on 02:35
03 - Hammer - Tuane 02:57
04 - Harvey Averne - Cucaraca Macara 03:19
05 - Jimmy Castor - It's Just Begun 03:02
06 - Los Sobrinos Del Juez - Harina De Maiz 01:59
07 - Apache - Liberte 02:23
08 - Antonio & Jocafi - Sequiser Vallier 02:26
09 - Reality - Acapulco Gold 04:04
10 - Wilson De Neves - Pick Up the Pieces 03:27
11 - Joe Cuba - Latin Hustle 04:03
12 - Los Reyes - Adeo Y 04:18
13 - Walter Branco - Mango Walk 03:16
14 - Jade - Viva Tirado 02:54