The Bombay Jazz Palace

John Coltrane was obsessed with India; Miles Davis would stay up for days on end listening to his tabla player; Sonny Rollins, Dave Brubeck and Stan Getz all spent several months in Bombay in the 1950s; Charles Mingus had his ashes scattered in the Ganges. For decades, jazz musicians have bought into the modes, polyrhythms and extended time signatures of Indian music. This collection samples the fruits of these Indo-jazz fusions recorded by Indophile Westerners and jazz-literate Indians alike -- both the exotic and the intellectual, the rootsy and the genteel, the ethereal and the seriously funky. Dig the patter of the tablas, the purr of the tamboura and the liquid funk of the sitar as you enter the Bombay Jazz Palace...

1. Paul Horn & Nexus - Latin Tala
2. Volker Kriegal - Zoom
3. Georges Garvarenz - Haschish Party
4. Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton - Blues for Hari
5. The Dave Pike Set - Raga Jeera Swara
6. Between - Contemplation
7. Lalo Schifrin - Secret Code
8. Grupo Batuque - Tabla Samba
9. Yves Hyatt - Path To Ascension
10. Shocking Blue - Acka Raga
11. Shankar Family & Friends - Dispute & Violence
12. Shnkar-Jaikishan - Raga Bairagi
13. Ananda Shankar - Universal Magic
14. Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud & the Indo Jazz Following - Bombay Palace Pt.1

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