The Indo British Ensemble - Curried Jazz

"A late 60s blend of modern jazz and Indian rhythms -- similar to some of Joe Harriott's work with John Mayer, but a lot more obscure overall! The tracks here are all relatively long -- and build from slow rhythms on tabla, tamboura, and more conventional drums -- augmented by bits of sitar, plus more conventional jazz instrumentation from Kenny Wheeler on flugelhorn, Ray Swinfield on flute, and Leon Calvert on trumpet. The tunes here are often quite atmospheric -- stretching out in a lot of space at first, really letting things develop organically before pushing forward to find their groove! The set was composed and arranged by Victor Graham"

1. Yaman (The Colonel's Lady)
2. Lalit (Meeting Of The Twain)
3. Bhimpalazi (Looking Eastward To The Blues)
4. Pahari (University Raga)

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