VA - Eastern Drum and Breaks Vol.2

Throughout 14 tracks, Ges-e and the Nasha collective take you on an incredible journey. Sitars and Tabla contrast with a rough rolling bassline in the opening ‘PK 757’, setting the standard for an album where Arabic strings, flutes and traditional Indian instruments provide a striking yet successful contrast with grimey breaks and dirty basslines, with great vocal licks providing more dramatic touches. From the strong dancefloor flavours to experimental journeys, from subtle message-bearing stormers to old school electro vibe, with special mention to the utterly gorgeous rework of A.R. Rahman’s classic Bollywood song ‘So Gaye Hain’, this album is a rich and contrasted collection.
Nasha Records

01 Ges-E - PK757
02 Zahid - Sahara
03 A.R. Rahman - So Gaye Hain (Ges-E & Equal 1 Refix)
04 Nasha Experience - Aaja
05 Aktarv8r - Shinkirou
06 Zahid - Electro K
07 Phono 2 Mini Jack - Elastic People
08 Aktarv8r - Afterwrath
09 Zahid - The Gaza Strip
10 Ges-E - Streets Of Basra
11 Interlude
12 Ges-E - Mann Industries
13 Vani - Pyar Bina
14 Osmani Soundz - Lushmeena


  1. hi, may i know the password of this archive please, thank you

  2. This sounds great. I hope that the rar archive isn't password protected as Bobby suggested above, and it's simply a case of him not being familiar with rar archives. Do you plan on posting Volume 1? I haven't been able to find this series posted on any other blog, and would love to have the complete series.