Rare Funk Vol.5 - Afro Funk

01 - Fela Kuti and Ginger Baker - Ye Ye Smell 06:15
02 - Olatunji - Tenga 03:43
03 - Candido - Who is Gonna Take the Weight 04:29
04 - Prof Longhair - Big Chief 02:13
05 - Mandingo - Black Rite 03:47
06 - Calvin Owens - the Cat 02:20
07 - Sarah Vaughan - Inner City Blues 04:13
08 - P King - Ajo 03:57
09 - JB - Don't Tell it 03:58
10 - Mohawks - Give Me Some Mo 03:11
11 - Equals - Funky Like A Train 04:29
12 - Floyd Morris - Mellow Funk 02:10


  1. These Cobalt compilations had my jaw hitting my laptop, whoever compiled these knows their rare funk inside, outside and back to front!

    Only ever had a crappy 128 rip of The Equals 'Funky Like A Train' so I am over the moon and have been looking for Mandingo's Black Rite for eons, its great when 40-50% of a compilation is completely unknown.

    Great blog by the way, lots of material on here that I have not seen on other blogs and I like how the diverse posts all have a resonance with each other, definitely a blog I will be visiting regularly, many thanks again for the rare tracks.

    PS> Worth looking at the cover of the Equals single, if only to see Eddie Grant circa 1977 in a blond wig...priceless!

  2. Hey, just stumbled across your blog, great stuff. However, I just tried to open up the folder of the Rare Funk Vol.5 - Afro Funk link and it keeps on prompting me for a password. I don't suppose there is a remote chance you have any idea what it is. Thanks in advance - draftblue@yahoo.co.uk