Enduser - Bollywood Breaks

"Not So Distant Drums" begins the EP with effects-laden drum programming not very different from recent Bhangra records but soon moves into jagged beats so violent that those uninitiated in the ways of breakcore may check their speakers for defects. The vocal sample, the heart of the composition, is left somewhat intact with its melancholia punctured by the mix. Breaks built around the sample of a Bollywood track may not sound either revolutionary or worthy of mention but Enduser's treatment is a perfect technologically enhanced paean to the biggest movie industry in the world. Drill n' bass is the M.O. on "No Wisdom" and "Not Here" - think Aphex Twin circa Come to Daddy. Industrial strength beat programming overpowers the vocal samples, which take the backseat on both compositions; "Not Here" allows tablas, sitars and devotional vocals into the mix just long enough before the beats take over again.

A1 Not So Distant Drums
A2 No Wisdom
A3 Not Here
B1 Return Of The Kourma Lover (Mad E.P. Remix)
B2 More Distant Than You Think (LARVAE Remix)
B3 Vishnu's Eastern Block (Line 47 Remix)

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