Tricky - Pre-Millenium Tension

One of the key figures in trip-hop, Tricky contributed to Massive Attack's first two albums and released a classic debut himself, before retreating from the fame that it brought him. Since then he has released several more solid albums, while collaborating with other artists and moving into acting.
Adrian Thaws was an original member of The Wild Bunch, who would become Massive Attack and propel Bristol-based trip-hop into international consciousness. He rapped on their classic debut album Blue Lines in 1992, before recruiting Martina Topley-Bird to provide a female counter to his husky vocals. Together they recorded an album - 1995's Maxinquaye - which received widespread critical acclaim and was regarded as one of the best debut albums of the decade. For his 1996 follow-up Nearly God, Tricky collaborated with Bjork, Neneh Cherry and Alison Moyet. It also received good reviews, although not quite so enthusiastic as for Maxinquaye. Later that same year he released Pre-Millenium Tension, a darker record that again received mostly warm reviews.

1. Vent
2. Christiansands
3. Tricky Kid
4. Bad Dream
5. Makes Me Wanna Die
6. Ghetto Youth
7. Sex Drive
8. Bad Things
9. Lyrics of Fury
10. My Evil Is Strong
11. Piano

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