The Herbaliser – Herbal Tonic

01. Gadget Funk
02. Nah' Mean Nah'm Sayin'
03. The Missing Suitcase
04. The Blend
05. Starlight
06. Song For Mary
07. Mr Chombee Has The Flaw (From Session 2)
08. Something Wicked
09. Mrs Chombee Takes The Plunge (PC Remix)
10. The Sensual Woman
11. It Ain't Nuttin'
12. 8pt Agenda
13. Tea & Beer
14. Ginger Jumps The Fence
15. March of the Dead Things
16. Stranded on Earth

The Ananda Shankar Experience & State Of Bengal - Walking On

Ananda was born in Almora, Utta Pradesh in 1942. The son of dancers Uday and Amala Shankar and the nephew of Pandit Ravi Shankar, he was raised in an artistically creative atmosphere. He went on to produce some of the most influential tracks of the sixties, and to jam with the likes of Jimi Hendrix amoung others. 'Walking On' sees Ananda pushing his talent yet further and teaming up with State of Bengal.
State of Bengal's eclectic mix of Indian classical music with breakbeat, hip-hop, tabla driven beats and melodic vocals seemed perfect as a nineties response to Ananda's sound. Fresh from work with Bjork, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Massive Attack, Sam Zaman found time off from making his own album (Visual Audio on One Little Indian) to throw himself fully into the project.

1. Walking On
2. Tori
3. Pluck
4. Alma Ata
5. Jungle Symphony (Live)
6. Betelnutters
7. Tanusree
8. Throw Down
9. Love & Passion
10. Reverse
11. Streets of Calcutta (Live)

Un chien Andalou

Un Chien Andalou is a sixteen minute silent surrealist short film produced in France by the Spanish director Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí. Its title means "An Andalusian Dog", but it is normally released under its original French title in the English-speaking world. It was Dali's first film and was initially released in 1929 to a limited showing in Paris, but became popular and ran for eight months. It is one of the best-known surrealist films of the avant-garde movement of the 1920s.
The film has no plot in the conventional sense of the word. The chronology of the film is disjointed, jumping from the initial "once upon a time" to "eight years later" without the events or characters changing very much. It uses dream logic in narrative flow that can be described in terms of then-popular Freudian free association, presenting a series of tenuously related scenes.
The idea for the film actually began when Buñuel was working as an assistant director for Jean Epstein in France. Buñuel told Dalí at a restaurant one day about a dream in which a cloud sliced the moon in half "like a razor blade slicing through an eye". Dalí responded that he'd dreamed about a hand crawling with ants. They were fascinated by what the psyche could create, and decided to write a script based on the concept of suppressed human emotions.

Dj Food - A Recipe for Disaster

DJ Food is a collaborative project between Coldcut/Ninja Tune duo Matt Black and Jonathan More, and second-half PC (born Patrick Carpenter) and Strictly (Kevin Foakes). Although the moniker originally referred only to Black and More's several-volumed series of stripped-down breaks records designed for deck use (i.e., "food" for DJs), club booking demands for the assumedly proper-named DJ Food dictated the pair make an ongoing project of it. Adding PC and Strictly to spice things up (and differentiate DJ Food from Coldcut when they played the same bill), the quartet released a series of 12" singles in various combinations starting in 1994 (including "Freedom"/"Consciousness"), with their proper debut full-length, A Recipe for Disaster, appearing the following year.

Dark River
Scratch Yer Hed
Mr. Quicke Cuts the Cheese
Brass Neck
Fungle Junk
Half Step
Bass City Roller
Scratch Yer Butt
Little Samba
Scientific Youth

Broken Note - Terminal Static

After two very remarked single 12" on Ad Noiseam, Broken Note unleash their first full length release, in the form of a CD featuring their past vinyl-only discography, plus a couple of tracks that had never been released on either formats and remixes by Hecq and Enduser. Mixing dubstep, drum'n'bass, breakcore and industrial-grade distortion, these two musicians create dancefloor-ready, fresh and intense tracks which have proved their efficiency in legion of clubs or shows. From the deepest hooks of such tracks as "Zealot" or "War In the Making" to the accurately named "Fury" and equally broken "Let 'Em Hang", Broken Note's array of talent is their force, bringing together fans of shattered beats and those of heavy basses.
Ad Noiseam

1. Mortal Bass
2. Let 'Em Hang
3. Mask Of Gas
4. Meltdown
5. War In The Making
6. Zealot
7. Pyrotek
8. Dubversion
9. Crux
10. Juno Reactor: Tokyo Dub (remix by Broken Note)
11. The Fury
12. Dubersion (remix by Hecq)
13. Crux (remix by I Am The Sun)

laszlo hortobagyi - 6th all-india music conference

Hortobagyi has spent the last 30 years creating the music of a world that never existed but might exist in a parallel universe. A complete Musical History of a Parallel Earth. A planet , where east and west mixed somewhat differently. Much deeper.


Enduser - Bollywood Breaks

"Not So Distant Drums" begins the EP with effects-laden drum programming not very different from recent Bhangra records but soon moves into jagged beats so violent that those uninitiated in the ways of breakcore may check their speakers for defects. The vocal sample, the heart of the composition, is left somewhat intact with its melancholia punctured by the mix. Breaks built around the sample of a Bollywood track may not sound either revolutionary or worthy of mention but Enduser's treatment is a perfect technologically enhanced paean to the biggest movie industry in the world. Drill n' bass is the M.O. on "No Wisdom" and "Not Here" - think Aphex Twin circa Come to Daddy. Industrial strength beat programming overpowers the vocal samples, which take the backseat on both compositions; "Not Here" allows tablas, sitars and devotional vocals into the mix just long enough before the beats take over again.

A1 Not So Distant Drums
A2 No Wisdom
A3 Not Here
B1 Return Of The Kourma Lover (Mad E.P. Remix)
B2 More Distant Than You Think (LARVAE Remix)
B3 Vishnu's Eastern Block (Line 47 Remix)

VA - Eastern Drum and Breaks Vol.2

Throughout 14 tracks, Ges-e and the Nasha collective take you on an incredible journey. Sitars and Tabla contrast with a rough rolling bassline in the opening ‘PK 757’, setting the standard for an album where Arabic strings, flutes and traditional Indian instruments provide a striking yet successful contrast with grimey breaks and dirty basslines, with great vocal licks providing more dramatic touches. From the strong dancefloor flavours to experimental journeys, from subtle message-bearing stormers to old school electro vibe, with special mention to the utterly gorgeous rework of A.R. Rahman’s classic Bollywood song ‘So Gaye Hain’, this album is a rich and contrasted collection.
Nasha Records

01 Ges-E - PK757
02 Zahid - Sahara
03 A.R. Rahman - So Gaye Hain (Ges-E & Equal 1 Refix)
04 Nasha Experience - Aaja
05 Aktarv8r - Shinkirou
06 Zahid - Electro K
07 Phono 2 Mini Jack - Elastic People
08 Aktarv8r - Afterwrath
09 Zahid - The Gaza Strip
10 Ges-E - Streets Of Basra
11 Interlude
12 Ges-E - Mann Industries
13 Vani - Pyar Bina
14 Osmani Soundz - Lushmeena

Bombay The Hard Way - Guns, Cars & Sitars

Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars is a joint project of producer Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow in which music from '70s funk Bollywood composers Kalyanji and Anandji was taken and given a funky remix. The album was eventually withdrawn (possibly due to copyright concerns), but helped to establish Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow in the underground hip hop music scene. A sequel, Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo, was also produced.

1. Bombay 405 Miles
2. Good, the Bad and the Chutney
3. My Guru
4. Ganges a Go-Go
5. Great Gambler
6. Professor Pyarelal
7. Fists of Curry
8. Punjabis, Pimps & Players
9. Inspector Jay from Dehli
10. Satchidananda
11. Theme from Don
12. Fear of a Brown Planet
13. Uptown Bollywood Nights
14. Kundans Hideout
15. Swami Safari

Bombay the Hard Way, Vol. 2: Electric Vindaloo

1. Ram Balram - Ursula 1000
2. Bionic Hahaan - Dynomite D., Kid Koala
3. Theme From Twin Sheiks
4. Third World Lover - Mix Master Mike
5. Rah-Keet
6. Hydrolik Carpet Ride
7. Bollywood B-Boy Battle - Dynomite D.
8. Mr. Natwarlal
9. Basmati Beatdown
10. T.J. Hookah
11. Superstar Sam
12. Disco Raj
13. Sexy Mother Fakir
14. Inspector Jay's Big Score - Steinski
15. Electric Uindaloo
16. Dil Street Blues
17. Chakra Khan