Bombay The Hard Way - Guns, Cars & Sitars

Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars is a joint project of producer Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow in which music from '70s funk Bollywood composers Kalyanji and Anandji was taken and given a funky remix. The album was eventually withdrawn (possibly due to copyright concerns), but helped to establish Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow in the underground hip hop music scene. A sequel, Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo, was also produced.

1. Bombay 405 Miles
2. Good, the Bad and the Chutney
3. My Guru
4. Ganges a Go-Go
5. Great Gambler
6. Professor Pyarelal
7. Fists of Curry
8. Punjabis, Pimps & Players
9. Inspector Jay from Dehli
10. Satchidananda
11. Theme from Don
12. Fear of a Brown Planet
13. Uptown Bollywood Nights
14. Kundans Hideout
15. Swami Safari


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