Prodigy present the Dirtchamber Sessions vol.1

The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One is a 1999 solo mix album by Liam Howlett of The Prodigy, and it was initially produced for BBC Radio 1's mix show The Breezeblock.
There are 48 tunes from many artists mixed, scratched and cut. The album came about as a result of a 1998 guest DJ appearance by Howlett on Mary Anne Hobb's Breezeblock show on the UK radio station Radio 1, producing a similar set.

01) Intro beats, Tonto's Release, Untitled, Chemical Beats
02)Bug Powder Dust, Grandmaster F, Pump Me Up,How High, Poison
03)The Mexican, Rock The House, Best Part Of Breaking Up, King Kut
04)Hey Can You Relate, What Time Is Love, Funky Acid Macossa
05)New York, Punk To Funk, I'm Sick
06)The Home Of Hip Hop, Strong Island, Kowalski, Time To Get Ill
07)Get Down, Humpty Dance, Dope On Plastic, Beats & Pieces
08)Sure Shot, Breakdance Electric Boogie, Doomsday of Rap

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