Istanbul Twilight

To celebrate the label’s 10th birthday, Doublemoon is releasing an album characterising the city as a constant inspiration to artists & inhabitants alike: its sea, streets, bridges and its culture through the music of musicians in its orbit. The releasese also features two documentaries directed by Veysel Gencten and Gurcan Keltek along with a booklet featuring the photographs of the young Turkish photographer, Ahmet Polat, who has a fast growing international reputation.The double-album features artists from the Doublemoon family such as Mercan Dede, Orient Expressions, Buzuki Orhan Osman, Cahit Berkay & Grup Zan, Burhan Ocal, Baba Zula, Taksim Trio, Selim Sesler, Ilhan Ersahin, Shantel, Kazim Koyuncu, and Craig Harris. These are the ambassadors of Istanbul’s sound to the world beyond representing a multitude of styles and sounds. The mix of styles on this album is a tribute to the fact that an audio- visual treat like this could only be born in the misty twilight of Istanbul.

1. Intro - Orient Expressions
2. 1 Beste - Mercan Dede,
3. Cecom - Baba Zula, Brenna MacCrimmon, Baba Zula
4. Biçare - Taksim Trio
5. Ennio - Ilhan Ersahin
6. Love - Carla Cook, , ,
7. Bir Demet Yasemen
8. Ben Seni in Dub - Kazim Koyuncu,
9. Opaz
10. Gözyasi - Selim Sesler

1. Maziden - Orhan Osman
2. Arda Kalan - Cahit Berkay
3. Dem - Azam Ali, Mercan Dede
4. Sehristan - Orient Expressions
5. Bogaziçi
6. Islak Sevdalilar - Baba Zula, Baba Zula
7. Gara Guna
8. Engewal - Mercan Dede
9. Baglama Solo - Taksim Trio
10. Outro - Orient Expressions

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